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Mathematics and science teachers hand in hand to package the memories of beike cloud wired wish stud

Author:数理学院     Release time:2019-12-06 15:18:29

The Alma mater of warmth to transmit the outbreak period, according to the school graduation security services work plan the overall deployment, mathematical institute to develop detailed implementation plan, and actively mobilize college teachers to participate in project work, solidly carry out the work of packaged for security and training, on July 1, 82 teachers to participate in the organization college graduates packing shipments.

At 7:40 a.m. on July 1, 82 mathematics and Physics teachers gathered in the student dormitory area to receive work supplies and send blessings to the students.Zhang Junyan, Secretary of the Party Committee of the College of Mathematics and Physics, made a mobilization speech.Zhang Junyan pointed out that in the context of a special period, the graduate security service work is very important, significant, teachers party members to stand up and charge in the front, all the teachers should adhere to the exemplary role of education, let the graduates feel the school, the school's care and care, cultivate students love the school and honor the school feelings.


At 8:00 a.m., the party Day activity of "Labor Practice" officially began. Teachers acted as temporary online "anchors" and connected with graduates via video link to pack goods and deliver warmth for students

With 82 teachers, 277 students and 104 dormitories, the once silent campus was awakened. With great energy, the teachers picked up tools, made good protection and went to their posts, and got into the intensive and orderly packing work.General items are packed and sent separately from fragile and valuable items. Valuables are insured and sent home free of charge."I will pack your computer tightly so that you don't break it", "Pay attention to packing the box, otherwise it will be unsafe to wander on the road", "I will check for you again if there is anything missing or something left behind".These are the conversations between teachers and students in the process of sorting out, which convey infinite care and warmth from the small mobile phone screen.


In order to successfully complete the packing and mailing work of graduates, the College of Mathematics and Physics made solid preparations in the early stage.One is to do a good job of student contact.The instructor made point-to-point statistics on students' packing and mailing needs, and grasped the updated dynamic changes timely.Teachers set up WeChat groups in advance to communicate with students and understand the specific needs of students one-on-one.Second, personnel protection should be ensured.Led by the Party Committee of the college, with the branch of the department as the unit, 82 teachers were recruited to set up a work team of packing and sending for graduates of the College of Mathematics and Physics to do a good job of packing and sending for students.Third, we will ensure good material support.The college has prepared personalized student supplies list, protective materials, packaging tools and drinking water for teachers participating in the package and delivery work, so as to meet work needs, provide convenience and logistical support.Fourth, do a good job in job training.The college carried out special training on the work of packing and mailing for graduates, introduced the overall arrangement, division of work, safeguard measures, working procedures and matters to be noted, emphasized the work requirements and work discipline, organized all teachers to watch the training video, and answered the questions raised by teachers in detail.Fifth, we will provide personalized services.The School of Mathematics and Physics provides luggage storage service for students who pursue their studies at our school, in Beijing and who cannot send valuables to the school. Students come to the school cloakroom to pick them up after they return to school.For graduates with special needs, important certificates such as graduation certificates and degree certificates shall be sent free of charge in advance to ensure the employment process of graduates.


The packing and sending of graduates represents the blessing of the college to the graduates, and becomes an unforgettable memory for all teachers of the College of Mathematics and Physics and graduates of the class of 2020.Coincides with the 99th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, for all teachers and party members is a vivid theme of education activities.

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