Green Innovation Center


    Green in Beijing university of science and technology innovation center was established in October 2016, the center for countries to develop green new energy and low-carbon economy and needs related to the forefront of international development as the guidance, for the purpose of independent innovation, adhere to the people-centered concept, around about the mechanism of energy conversion, the growth of new energy materials of micro-nano structures, properties and application related issues such as the basis of the chemical reaction principle and mechanism, in the original table interface power fields instrument cluster system as a high-end technology integration platform of scientific research, to develop original scientific research.Center dedicated to developing green energy and green manufacturing technology, the goal is to become international advanced scientific research institutions in related fields, the formation of a number of influential research and development, to promote technology transfer and hatch, and cultivate in the field of new energy and green technology leading domestic, international first-class innovative talents, build the international first-class level of scientific research team, promote the school in the new energy research and development in the field of innovation ability, to further accelerate the construction of our domestic first-class, internationally renowned high-level research universities, in order to strengthen our country in international competitiveness in the field of green energy and green manufacturing technology to provide technical support.
    At present, the center has 3 professors (including 1 thousand people from China and 1 thousand from China), 3 lecturers and 2 postdocs.   

  • School of Chemistry and Biological Engineering, USTB
  • 30 Xueyuan Road, Haidian District, Beijing,100083