School of Mathematics and Physics of University of Science and Technology Beijing originated in Basic courses department of Beijing iron and Steel Institute.  In 1996,  Department of Mathematics and Mechanics, Department of Physics and Department of Chemistry  constitute School of Applied Science. In 2010, it is renamed School of Mathematics and Physics after the adjustment of departments and institutions. This school made great contribution to the science of University of Science and Technology Beijing and it enjoys a certain popularity in the science teaching of national engineering colleges,  the research of Condensed Matter Physics and nonlinear boundary problems of differential equations and so on. The first female doctor in China’s recent history--Prof. Jinghui Gu, the original dean of Department of Mathematics of Fu Jen Catholic University--Prof. Jingfang Liu, who got double PhD of Mathematics and astronomy in French and  Prof. Nanxian Chen, an academician of china academy of sciences had been working here as the major founders and important members of this school.
    In 1997, the key teaching innovation project 《Training scheme of professional talents of "Big Material" experimental class and  reform research and practice of teaching content  and curriculum system》had been approved. In 2001, the school earned the first prize of National teaching innovation. In 2004, National engineering Physics base was established and had passed the acceptance test by the Ministry of Education. In 2005, this base became a demonstration centre of the experimental teaching of colleges and universities in Beijing and the achievements of teaching and education reform have been used in more than 30 universities. Then Science Experimental Class in University of Science and Technology Beijing was established in 2007 and the research and practice of training mode of  “2+X” Innovative talents  regarding Science Experimental  Class as a model earned second  prize of higher education teaching of Beijing in 2012.  In 2013 this school established "KunHuang" class in cooperation with Institute of Semiconductors, Chinese Academy of Sciences. The aim of this class is to Cultivate the talents with Solid theoretical foundation, dual advantages of broad industry vision and engineering quality. In 2014 our school carries out the "The plan of Sihe Min's Mathematical elite program" in cooperation with Academy of Mathematics and Systems Science, Chinese Academy of Sciences. This plan opens a brand new road with the characteristic of  "Science and education, cooperative education" and the training of top level talents combining the research of mathematical theory and the applied research of mathematics.

    Our school has doctoral degree authorization of Physics primary discipline, subordinate discipline Doctoral degree authorization of Solid Mechanics, general Mechanics and Mechanics Foundation. We also have two master's degree authorization of Mathematics and Statistics and three subordinate discipline master's degree authorization of Physical electronics, Solid Mechanics and System Engineering. Our school consists of Department of Applied Mathematics, Department of Information and Computing Science, Department of Applied Physics, Department of Applied Mechanics, Institute of Applied Mathematics, Institute of Applied Physics, Modern physical technology research center, the experimental teaching center and several national and provincial scientific research platform depending on the national "863" plan and Beijing municipal science and technology commission project. In 1997 the technology materials simulation design lab of Ministry of Science led by academician Nanxian Chen was established. In 2011 Institute of Applied Mathematics of USTB led by "Thousand Talents Program" Prof. Pin Lin was established.  Beijing weak magnetic detection and Application Engineering Technology Research Center was approved in 2012 and our school participated in the construction of two key discipline of Beijing entitled Nanometer material and device physics and optoelectronic information materials and devices in 2009 and 2010. 

   Today,  School of Mathematics and Physics attracts  and brings  together a large number of outstanding scholars at home and abroad. This school  consists  of more than 130 teachers, including two academicians of Chinese Academy of Sciences,  one professor  of  national  "Thousand Talents program", one  " Yangtze river project" chair professor, two winners of national outstanding youth fund "B class", four winners of "New century talent in the Ministry of Education ", four Beijing "teaching famous teacher" and one "Beijing science and technology new star".  Among them,  there are 32 professors, 33 associated professors and 6 senior engineers, including 21 doctoral tutors  and 65 master tutors. They have rigorous scholarship,  high academic level and  the pioneering spirit. Also, they make painstaking efforts and make an important contribution for the development of Mathematical and Physics Science of University of Science and Technology Beijing.

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