Department of Applied Physics

    Dean: Fengping Wang ; Secretary: Ping Wu ; Vice Director: Yunliang Wangi、Mei Xu ;

General situation
Beijing university of science and technology is established on the basis of the physics department of Beijing institute of iron and steel base of physics teaching and research section.China's modern history's first female doctor Gu Jinghui professor of physics department since 1952.Was formally established in January 1984, Beijing university of science and technology department of physics, after years of construction, the department of physics has developed into teaching, scientific research and development in the integration of multidisciplinary and integrated entity.
Now physical discipline by the department of physics, institute of applied physics, modern physics research center of three units.Physics, existing staff 50 people, including 1 academician of Chinese academy of sciences, 14 professors, associate professor of 16 people, 10 doctoral supervisors (including the Yangtze 1 professor), 29 of teachers with doctor's degree has formed a reasonable age structure and high level teaching staff.Physics department of existing level 1 discipline of physics, condensed matter physics, theoretical physics and physics electronics graduate, as well as the applied physics undergraduate majors;Currently reading 43 people, master 72 people of doctoral student, undergraduate 240 people.

Scientific research achievements
Bear the national 973 projects, 863 projects, national natural science foundation of key topics and projects, a large number of natural science fund project of Beijing national and provincial projects, and won the second prize of national natural science, 863 projects of major contribution award, science and technology progress third prize of national ministry of education, etc.Over the past five years, a total of 74 scientific research projects, in SCI journals published 180 papers, scientific research funds total $21.2 million, including the longitudinal research funds is 19.5727 million yuan.
Physics laboratory "national base of engineering physics course teaching" in 2004 by the ministry of education expert group acceptance, was approved in 2005 for "(physical) in the experimental teaching demonstration center".Physics department at the same time to all the engineering, science, management, literature, classics, law students in all the subjects such as college courses such as physics and physics experiment teaching, and the cultivation of the physics undergraduate and graduate students tasks.Three teachers got Beijing teaching masters title.

The research direction
As physics in physics research and teaching units and related disciplines, contains six research echelon, respectively is: theoretical physics, computational physics, magnetoelectricity medium physics, energy materials physics, condensed matter information optics, optical properties and physical electronics.Research contents include the theory of physics, computational physics, atomic and molecular physics, superconducting physics, magnetic physics, solid microstructure, thin film physics, spintronics, microelectronic materials and devices, energy, materials physics, condensed matter optical properties, such as sensor and sensing technology disciplines are flat.

Development goals

Five-year period, the physics department at home and abroad will actively introduce talents, strengthening the construction and existing features more prominent, and will develop one or two new research fields.Each year more than 30 SCI papers published articles, declare a patent for invention, and obtain a series of has the application value of achievements.Continue to cultivate high quality of the undergraduate students, and cultivate a doctoral candidate in 10 people a year, master graduate student 25 to 35.

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