Department of Applied Mathematics

    Dean: Xinhui Si ; Secretary: Donghong Zhao ; Vice Director: Xuehui Chen、Hairui Wei、Limei Cao ;

General situation
Institute of applied mathematics and applied mathematics is on the basis of the original department of mathematics force development.Mathematics after decades of construction and development, has now become a paying equal attention to teaching, scientific research, comprehensive strength strong basic subject in science and engineering university.At present, the mathematics has a solid basic theoretical knowledge, strength and unity of teachers.
Applied mathematics 22 at teachers, 5 professors (including doctoral tutor 2), 7 associate professors.The teacher has a doctorate in 15 people.Existing mathematical disciplines the ministry of education in the new century talents 1 and the national "one thousand plan" project list 1 person,.Mathematics and application mathematics undergraduate programs, currently has annual recruit students of two classes, about 60 people.Master's degree program is equipped with mathematics level 1 discipline (including 5 admissions direction) and the master of statistics, every year to recruit doctoral 3 ~ 5 people, master about 40 people.

Scientific research achievements
Applied mathematics department faculty members are inherit and carry forward "rigorous, diligent, pragmatic" fine tradition, reform and progress.Always keep a high teaching quality in teaching, a batch of higher levels of the teaching reform achievements.By 2012 has won the municipal ministry more than teaching reform and the achievement to a total of six, publishing all kinds of translation, teaching material nearly 25, three translation.Mathematics teachers over the years has made outstanding achievements in teaching, many people was rated as the outstanding teachers in Beijing, teaching advanced individual, people enjoy special government allowances.In recent three years, to undertake a number of national and provincial research projects, a total budget of more than 250 ten thousand yuan. Nearly three years, a total of more than 200 scientific research papers published articles, by SCI, EI, included more than 100 papers.

The research direction
Applied mathematics has now applied mathematics has a partial differential equation theory and application of functional differential equation with biological power system, harmonic analysis and wavelet, scientific calculation and dynamic system of four academic echelon.The four academic echelon distribution of scientific research activities in multiple areas of mathematics and applied mathematics research, a series of excellent research achievements in recent years, some achievements have reached the international advanced level.

Development goals
"Twelfth five-year" period, the application of mathematics and information and computing science common development goals: the new math first-level doctoral degree, good construction of the master level 1 discipline of mathematics and statistics, the introduction of an excellent high-end talent, academician of Chinese academy of sciences, national one thousand plan project list, the ministry of education Yangtze river scholars distinguished professor, national or provincial teaching masters), published two teaching material of "twelfth five-year" plan (advanced mathematics, probability and mathematical statistics), and four ordinary textbooks, scientific research funds for an average of 1 million yuan, on the basis of the eleventh five-year plan, strive to high levels of academic journals published more research papers.

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