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"Big Data" and "Big iron" to accelerate the digital transformation of industry -

Author:     Release time:2020-10-20 19:47:34

In order to strengthen the cooperation between mathematics disciplines and enterprises, further promote the implementation and transformation of scientific research achievements, and provide a new platform for discipline development and talent training, the opening ceremony and project kickoff meeting of the Industrial Intelligence Laboratory, School of Mathematics and Science, University of Science and Technology Beijing was successfully held on the afternoon of October 19. The meeting was chaired by Si Xinhui, director of the Department of Applied Mathematics.

At the beginning of the meeting, Chen Jun, dean of College of Mathematics and Physics, gave a welcome speech and briefly introduced the basic situation, faculty and scientific research level of college of Mathematics and Physics.Beijing north branch billion power technology co., LTD. General manager Mr. Zhao introduced the "big ironmaking production line based on industrial Internet platform of intelligent control" related, and said that under the trend of industrial digital transformation, big data technology will help the iron and steel industry to realize intelligent manufacturing technology path, and mathematics, statistics is the important foundation of big data, cooperation between the two sides will promote the development of intelligent manufacturing industry.

President Chen Jun and Chairman Huo Shoufeng jointly inaugurate the industrial intelligence laboratory.Secretary Zhang Junyan awarded the appointment letter to Zhao Hongbo, director of the Industrial intelligence Laboratory, and the appointment letter to Huo Shoufeng and Zhao Hongbo, part-time master tutor.

In the later school-enterprise exchange, Zhao Lutao further introduced the basic situation of mathematics subject, team structure of statistics and information echelon, scientific research achievements and project construction of the College of Mathematics and Mathematics.Li Yongjie, the vice general manager, made an emphasis on the specific needs of the project cooperation and the key points of the "big data technology" to assist the "big iron production line", and proposed the team building and development requirements for the next step.Subsequently, teachers from the College of Mathematics and Physics and experts from Beijing Beikeyili Technology Co., Ltd. discussed the application scenarios and industry pain points of the project.


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